About the Designer

Erica is a homegrown artist of Washington, D.C. and alum (but still active!) African Dance performer of a once popular local group in the Washington metro area.  Her experience in dance of several genres since childhood including all from tap to Caribbean folk (and primarily West African) lead to opportunities with sewing as she ended up always managing, repairing, and altering costumes for peers.  As years went by, later teaching the artforms in Florida and home, creating costumes for students and groups became a priority.  Erica fell in love with working with African prints and has always had a heartfelt desire to clothe youth and girls in a classy way for performances being tired of the usual "black leotards and shorts" of her own youth.  Erica's designs are a spill-over from costume-making for Haitian American, Latin American, West African, and general Caribbean events. They are colorful, stately, bold, AND practical wearables which are no-fuss , and easy to change and move in.   Most designs however, are indeed in keeping with West African tradition in the fact that lappas or wraps are exactly the way they should be.  Not many zippers or buttons used, and some things are meant to be tied or loose fitting.  She uses some borrowed runway-derived, simple patterns which can be manipulated many ways.  Authentic batik tie-dye material is a personal favorite.  "It should be used more..."