Frequently Asked Questions


How do I care for Ankara (African Print Wax) textile?

Its easy! Although the cotton itself is very durable, you want to preserve the wax coating and/or the embossing or print patterns as long as possible. If you machine wash, put on gentle hand wash cycle.  It is still better to hand wash in separate basin with cool water, light soap, hang-dry, and iron on wrong side preferably.  Shrinkage is never the problem, maintaining the newness is.  Dry Clean if you are not confident cleaning yourself.

You do not have to wash many things unless it gets really soiled or dirty anyway.  Lightly starch and iron.



How do I determine which size I wear?

The Special thing is that usually one size fits most.  If you know you are especially taylored for clothing on a regular basis for any reason, you may think to email special requests.

Small = size 4-6 adult ht: 5'-5'4

Med = size 8-12 adult ht 5'3-5'7

Large = size 10-16 ht 5'6-5'11

Most ladies fit medium

OSFM (one size fits most)



How do I tie a lappa so that it fits snug?

The healthy trick to tying a lappa is to first, hold it behind you as if you were going to wrap your towel around you from the back. Next, squat slightly to begin wrapping each side forward around your natural waist (cross in front) continue to wrap around and meet ties in your rear again to fasten and tie (stand again) - you may tuck the bow tie inside the wrap close to your skin if you wish to hide it completely.


How do I care for Batik tie-dyed material?

 Please note:  you do not have to wash these garments unless they are very dirty or soiled.

After the first wear, be aware that your skin or perfumed oils can cause the fabric to begin "bleeding" its beautiful color.  This is normal. Be mindful that you can stain other garments, light colored furniture or bedding with the dye that is beautifully handcrafted into your Batik garment.  To prevent this normal bleeding of color, rinse with cool (salted) water and a light soap several times until the rinse water is lightened up or mostly colorless. The rinse water will never become clear so careful to not overdo.  Do not worry, there is plenty of vivid color meshed or bonded into the cotton. It will not fade.  You are rinsing the excess out of it.  The color that bonded with the fibers has already done so when it was made.  Once you are satisfied with your rinse, hang dry over a drain. Once dry, iron on wrong side for longevity.  Can be starched.